XTract3D for SolidWorks

welcome to a better (and friendlier) way to reverse engineering

CAD Modeling is about to get a lot Simpler

Building parametric CAD models can be a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Introducing XTract3D reverse engineering plug-in for SOLIDWORKS.

Key Features


XTract3D focuses on providing a basic yet powerful set of tools to manually extract features, sketch, and create CAD using the 3D scan data as a template for design. It’s a fool-proof way of doing reverse engineering from scan data.

  • Straightforward Workflow

    With XTract3D for SOLIDWORKS, you can use existing parts as a reference for design that saves R&D cost and gets your products faster to market.

    Import 3D scanner data and use it as a reference for building CAD models (SCAN-to-CAD). Simply trace right on top of 2D cross sections of 3D scan data to create parametric CAD models with ease.

  • Xtract3D screenshot
    Leverage Your Skills

    Reverse engineering with XTract3D mirrors how you design a new CAD part. You don’t need to learn new tools and methodologies.

    Creating a CAD model with XTract3D builds on what you already know about SOLIDWORKS, making you more productive.

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    It’s Simple and It Works

    XTract3D provides a robust method for reverse engineering by giving you a basic toolset to solve a wide range of reverse engineering applications—from basic and complex parts, to prismatic and organic surfaces. The plug-in gives you total control over how you manually sketch features and elements.

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    Use High Resolution 3D Scans

    XTract3D works well even when you are sketching features from 3D meshes with tens of millions of polygons with no lagging issues.

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Technical Specifications

Computer Requirements

Windows 10 64bit
12 GB of RAM


2+ million per scan

Average Polygons

Windows 7 64bit
4GB of RAM

Scan File Size

10’s of millions of polygons


500,000 polygons or under

Imported File Formats

ply, obj, stl, asc, csv, txt, E57

Scan to CAD Samples

Got Questions?

If you would like a quote on XTract3D or simply have questions about how the software works, please feel free to get in touch with us.