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Mechscan Macro 3D Scanner

It’s all in the details

MechScan Macro 3D scanner captures the finest details of small objects exceptionally well with high accuracy and resolution.

Key Features

Mechscan Macro

A 3D scanner in a league of its own. Have the confidence to scan tiny objects and specimens into 3D digital form with remarkable quality.

  • Chamelion 3d scan in colour
    Specialized in Macro Scanning

    Built for demanding industry applications, MechScan white-light macro 3D scanner is designed and engineered specifically for digitising extremely small objects. Features that are impossible to see with the naked eye are clearly visible in the scan data produced by the system. Easy to transport and setup, start scanning projects within minutes. The system is portable and light weight, so you can take it with you.

  • Versatile in What You Can Scan

    The macro system is flexible for use across a broad range of applications. Capture different types of objects, specimens, or parts including:

    • Precision-machined parts
    • Mouldings
    • Archaeological artefacts
    • Jewerly/Coins
  • Capture Quality 3D Scans

    Measuring just 11mm x 1.1mm in size, this fang was scanned using MechScan Macro. The discharge orifice (2mm x 0.2mm) and entrance lumen can be clearly identified in the mesh data. The 3D scanner captures an average of 2.6 million data points per scan with scan accuracy ranging from 0.001 to 0.01 mm.

  • Powered by FlexScan3D

    MechScan macro 3D scanner is powered by FlexScan3D. The software is extremely powerful, yet easy and intuitive to use. Many tools built into the software help align and merge data into a single watertight mesh. It also provides a huge amount of customisability with a Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable users to tweak the standard setting for more challenging scans.

Additional Features

  • Cranio roditore con texture color scan
    Capture in Colour

    MechScan macro 3D scanner can be supplied to capture either monochrome or colour scans, depending on your preference. Using the colour machine vision cameras for texture capture is perfect for objects with low levels of reflectivity and ensures perfect texture alignment.

  • Small Rotary Table
    Automating 3D Scanning Boosts Productivity

    With MechScan, you can automated the 3D scanning process using the included rotary table. Capture a 360 scan with a single mouse click after it’s been setup. In a normal workflow, you can capture 1, 2, or 3 rotary scans which will recover 95% or more of the surface data. Add a few single scans to fill in the remaining spaces and a full digital 3D model is complete. Save time and get amazing results everytime.

Technical Specifications

  • Mechscan Macro
    Camera Resolution

    2.8 megapixels

    Field of View (Diagonal)

    30-110 mm

    Average Points

    2.6 million per scan

    Average Polygons

    1.3 million per scan


    0.001 to 0.01mm

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New Version

  • Mechscan Macro V2
    New Version Coming Soon

    We’re excited to announce that a new version of the MechScan macro 3D scanner is available soon in March 2019.

    New Features:

    • Improved projection optics
    • Wider scanning range (scan smaller and larger objects more easily than the V1)
    • Lighter and compact in design
    • Easier to transport

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  • Mark My Bird
    Answering the Question: How and Why Have Birds Diversified

    The mission of the Mark My Bird is to answer this question by measuring the shapes of bird bills.

    The team of researchers, based at the University of Sheffield, takes 3D scans of the bills of all of the world’s bird species from museum collections. The 3D scans are incredibly detailed and the digitised data will help us to understand how and why the 10,000 species of birds diversified

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    “We have three different scanners: HDI Advance R3x, HDI [Compact] 109, and MechScan. The photos below feature the MechScan. It’s awesome.”

    From Mark My Bird website »

  • 3d scans of skulls
    Scanning Tiny Specimens for Archaelogy

    Museums and universities across Europe use the MechScan macro 3D scanner to scan extremely small specimens. From front to back the skull measures just 47.5mm.

    MechScan easily captures objects of this size and much smaller with exceptionally high levels of detail. Many of the features are sub-millimetre in size. Even the teeth, most of which are about 0.5mm wide at their tips, can be seen in incredible detail to measure wear patterns and other characteristics.

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3D Scan Samples

Got Questions?

If you would like a quote on the system or simply have questions about how the MechScan Macro 3D scanner works, please feel free to get in touch with us.