HDI Carbon

the crossover 3D scanner

Flexible Performance X Ultra Portability

The HDI Carbon has the flexibility to easily adapt to your scanning needs for scanning different types of parts. Take it wherever your scanning projects take you.

Key Features

HDI Carbon

A 3D scanner that combines the best there is to offer in the HDI Advance (flexibility) and HDI Compact (portability) into one sleek solution.

  • Adjustable Field of View

    HDI Carbon is built for flexibility. It has two camera mounting positions to change the scanner’s diagonal field of view from 225mm to 600mm. By changing the field of view, you can get the best quality scans for different sized objects.

  • Strong and Lightweight

    HDI Carbon’s custom moulded carbon fiber frame makes the entire system flexible while being unbelievably lightweight.

    • Weight: 4.18 lb (1.90 kg)
    • Dimension: 13 x 41 x 12 cm

Additional Features

  • Low Heat Emission

    HDI Carbon uses a LED light projector with a long service life. It emits minimal heat which reduces scan distortion for repeatable 3D scanning results.

  • Durable Protection

    All the components fit nicely inside the included travel case for added protection when you are on the go. Your equipment is well protected. It’s crushproof, watertight, and dustproof.

Technical Specifications

  • Scan Speed

    1.2 seconds per scan


    225mm FOV: 35um (0.0014″)
    600mm FOV: 50um (0.0020″)

    Average Points

    2+ million per scan

    Average Polygons

    4+ million per scan

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Got Questions?

If you would like a quote on the system or simply have questions about how the HDI Carbon 3D scanner works, please feel free to get in touch with us.