HDI 3D Scanners

professional structured-light systems

HDI 3D Scanners

3D Scanners Delivering High Quality Results

Quickly capture high resolution digital 3D scans accurately from objects in the physical world.

Available Models

HDI Advance

flexible 3D scanner
  • Flexible field of view
  • High performance
  • Upgradeable components
  • User-calibration for more control
  • Colour option available

HDI Carbon

crossover 3D scanner
  • Flexible field of view
  • Strong x lightweight
  • Portability (includes travel case)
  • User-calibration for more control
  • Best value

HDI Compact

plug and play 3D scanner
  • Fixed field of view
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Fully enclosed unit
  • Pre-calibrated for accuracy
  • Sleek and ultra portable

How Structured-Light 3D Scanners Work

  • Gather Information from the Physical World

    The HDI 3D scanner measures physical objects using structured-light technology. A series of patterns are projected onto the object and captured by the system’s cameras. These images are processed and used create a 3D digital scan of the object within the scanning software.

  • Powered by FlexScan3D Scanning Software

    FlexScan3D is one of the most user-friendly 3D scanning software you’ll ever use. It takes the images collected from the physical world to calculate and reconstruct the shape of the object in 3D. The HDI 3D scanner takes a scan of what the cameras can see at a given time. Create a complete 3D model by taking several scans from the object and then align and merge them together. You can accomplish this all in FlexScan3D.

Advance Features

Automate 3D Scanning with Rotary Table

Skip the tedious work of 3D scanning. The HDI 3D scanners works seamlessly with the rotary table to fully automate the scanning process from capturing 3D scans, cleaning up, to merging the scans into a complete 3D model.

Support photogrammetry for Scanning Large Objects

Scan large parts without a problem. The HDI 3D scanner supports the use of photogrammetry dots. It makes it much easier for aligning scans of large objects or even featureless objects.

SDK for Easy Integration and Customization

You’re in control. FlexScan3D includes an API library and scripting functions. Customize automated 3D scanner controls and data processing tailored specifically for your applications.


  • 3D Scanning Large Collection of Artifacts

    “We’re very impressed by the results produced by the HDI Advance 3D scanning systems. From talking to other researchers and from our past experiences, we found that other 3D scanners normally take a couple of hours to scan one artifact. With the assembly line approach to 3D scanning we are able to scan an artifact in about 30 minutes, which cuts down a considerable amount of time for us.

    This is very important factor when there is a large collection of artifacts to scan.”

    Namir Ahmed Project Co-ordinator University of Western Ontario,
    Sustainable Archaeology Animation Unit (SAAU)
  • Brooks Sports 3D color scans
    Capturing Design Intent for Product Development

    Brooks Sports wanted to move their shoe samples from the physical to the digital realm. Previously, every colour or material change on a physical shoe sample had to be ordered from the manufacturer which was not only costly, but had a long lead time.

    Using the HDI Advance 3D Scanner, Brooks Sports would only have to make one physical sample of each model in the season line up. The system captures the rich details needed to convey the design intent in a digital format. Designers can then see their changes in near real-time, and at a fraction of the cost.

    The client was impressed with the time and cost savings as a result of the new process.

Got Questions?

If you would like a quote on the system or simply have questions about how the HDI 3D scanners work, please feel free to get in touch with us.