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Since 2007, our clients come to us for sound advice on 3D scanning.

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    We Only Represents Products We Truly Believe In

    We are the UK-based authorized reseller of the HDI structured-light 3D scanners and reverse engineering add-in for SOLIDWORKS, XTract3D from Polyga. We also provide high quality training for the use of HDI 3D scanners and advise on how to solve various challenges that are commonly encountered with 3D scanning.

    We’re not just a 3D scanner reseller, we’re an active user too. We use the scanners all the time for our consulting work and we have been a power user of HDI 3D scanners since 2007.

  • “I come to MechScan time and time again to help us solve our 3D scanning challenges. They have a truly in-depth knowledge of the hardware and software appropriate for a wide variety of user scenarios. The advice we receive is always honest and tailored to our needs.”

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    You Can Count On Us

    Our mission is to help solve your problems using 3D scanning technologies. We will only supply equipment if it’s suitable for your application, whether it’s helping you directly or simply pointing you to the right direction. We love to become part of a team to collaborate and provide our input to make your project a success.

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    We Love a Good Challenge

    We’ve been involved in scanning and reverse engineering for more than 10 years. We worked in many different sectors including large automotive and mass transit projects, industrial, and consumer products. We love to challenge ourselves and have been pushing the boundaries of what 3D scanning can do.

    We’re currently specialize in 3D scanning, reverse engineering, and development of small consumer products. If you are would like to talk to us on how we can help you with your project, please contact us.

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    Why We Built MechScan Macro 3D Scanner

    We had several projects where a standard 3D scanner wasn’t able to capture the fine detail of extremely small objects with high accuracy. Since we love a good challenge, we built the MechScan Macro 3D scanner that is capable of scanning objects as small as 2mm x 0.2mm with high resolution and accuracy.

    MechScan macro 3D scanner has been used by universities, non-profit organizations, and museums around the world. In this photo, researchers scanned specimens kept at The Museum of Natural History in the U.K.

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We Love To Help You With Your Project

Whether it’s helping you with your 3D scanner purchase or answering questions on how we can help you solve your 3D scanning challenges, we love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us.