MechScan Macro 3D Scanner

It’s all in the details

Scan extremely small objects into 3D with exceptional quality

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HDI 3D Scanner

Professional system delivering amazing results

Creating 3D models from physical objects have never been easier

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Parametric CAD modeling is about to get a lot simpler

Reverse engineering software that works natively in SOLIDWORKS

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MechScan Macro

Macro 3D scanner engineered for scanning small parts
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HDI Advance

Flexible 3D scanner with adjustable field of view
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HDI Carbon

Combining flexibility and portability in a 3D scanner
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HDI Compact

Plug and play 3D scanner
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Hi, We Are MechScan

We are a professional structured-light 3D scanner distributor here in the UK. We can help you find the right equipment to solve your 3D scanning challenges.

If you ever need a 3D scanner to capture objects in 3D for consumer product design, 3D visualization, or reverse engineering, or other commercial applications, give us a call or email us.