3D Macro Scanning

Small Objects This object is just 11mm x 1.1mm in size. It was scanned using the MechScan with colour Machine Vision sensors. Features that are impossible to see with the naked eye are clearly visible in the scan data. A small amount of surface preparation was applied to the surface of the fang to improve the surface finish for scanning.

scansione dente serpente  scansione dente serpente 3d

  • Scan Detail. The discharge orifice (2mm x 0.2mm) and entrance lumen can be clearly identified in the mesh data.

scansione dente serpente

Texture Capture The MechScan can be supplied in either Monochrome or Colour depending on preference. The photographs below show that each area or feature of the skull has it's own texture. It's useful to be able to view the skull with and without this colour. Using the colour machine vision cameras for texture capture is perfect for objects with low levels of reflectivity like this skull, and ensures perfect texture alignment.

cranio roditore  cranio di piccolo roditore in 3d

  • Productivity The MechScan is powered by and supplied with FlexScan3D scanning software. Apart from being extremely easy and intuitive to use, it have many powerful and timesaving features. All of these items were scanned using a rotary table which is supplied as standard with the MechScan. This enables the user to capture a 360 scan with a single mouse click after it's been setup. The normal workflow would be to capture 1,2 or 3 rotary scans which, in many cases will recover 95% or more of the surface data (depending on geometry) and then add a few single scans to fill in the remaining blanks.

cranio roditore digitalizzato in 3d

cranio roditore 3d con texture

camaleonte scansione 3d camaleonte 3D

 FlexScan3D has many powerful tools built into the software to help align and merge data into a single watertight mesh. It also has a huge amount of customisability to enable users to tweak the standard setting for more challenging scans like the ones show on this page.  

 camaleonte digitalizzazione 3D

camaleonte 3D con texture a colori

Performance The MechScan is portable, accurate, fast, easy to use and perfect for scanning small objects.