3D macro scanning for archaeology

Mustela erminea (Stoat)

skull 3d

The above scan data was collected from a sample kindly provided by the University of Manchester. From front to back it measures just 47.5mm. The MechScan easily captures objects of this size and much smaller with exceptionally high levels of detail. Many of the features are sub-millimetre in size, and even the teeth, most of which are about 0.5mm wide at their tips, can be seen in sufficient detail to measure wear patterns and other characteristics.

Animated Jaw Movie

skull 3d

bones 3d

Using the MechScan, archaeologists and evolutionary scientists can digitally record tiny samples such as this to allow the accurate measurement, comparison and inspection of archived specimens. This avoids having to handle delicate and/or rare artefacts repeatedly, thus helping to preserve specimens, but it has the added advantage that data can be shared and compared worldwide.


sections 3d